Fall 2021 In Memoriam


May their memory be a blessing

Jerome D. Bender ’51 

Mario Tucciarone ‘53 

Frank Ragonetti ‘52C, ‘54L 

Hon. Frank Torres ’55 

Robert Ostertag ‘56 

John Rafferty ’57 

John K. Walsh ’57 

John Dowd ’55C, ’58L 

Professor James Edward Starrs ‘58 

Laurence Mullen ’59 

Martin Timmins ‘56UC, ’59L 

John Jerome ’59 CBA, ’61 

Eugene K. O’Shea, ’61 

William Mannion ‘62 

Hon. Edward Kiley ‘54CBA, ‘63L 

John Bassano ‘65 

Albert Pennisi ‘66 

Richard C. Sherman ’66 

Leonard Andrew ‘68 

John Higgins ’70 

Bertram Levine ‘70 

Alan Berg ‘72 

Henry Donald ’77 

Phillip Tumbarello ‘79 

Elisabeth Vreeburg ‘81 

Erica B. Fine ’82 

Dorothy McCabe ‘82 

Nicholas Burke ‘78MBA, ‘83L, ‘92PD 

Brian Okane ‘83 

Mark E. Gamber ’84 

Raymond Scheer ‘86 

Clifford Mulqueen ’89 

Danielle Rigg ’94 

Matthew Roth ‘95 

Margaret Michaels ’97 

Deven A. Smith ‘06 

John Rickes ’12 

Emmanuel Ulubiyo ’12

Hon. Frank Torres ’55 (1928-2021)
Throughout his long and illustrious career in public service, Hon. Frank Torres advocated tirelessly for greater Hispanic representation in the legal profession. The son of immigrants from Puerto Rico, he was born and raised in New York City, where his father worked as a lawyer and, later, a judge. Following in his footsteps, Justice Torres earned his law degree and launched a career in the public sector. He worked as a Bronx ADA and then, after a term in the New York State Assembly, ascended to a leadership position at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Justice Torres took the bench by appointment to the New York City Family Court before being elected to the New York State Supreme Court, where he served for 14 years. Continuing the family tradition of service, his daughter, Hon. Analisa Torres, now presides as U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of New York.