Celebrating APIDA Heritage Month 2022


“I both love and hate the idea of heritage months. I love the energy that’s inspired by them. For the past month, I’ve been getting together in person with many others at APIDA-themed conferences, fundraising dinners, photography exhibits, heritage celebrations, etc. Whether we’re having an earnest discussion about hate crimes or toasting to the upcoming graduation of APALSA members, it has been amazing to reunite with people. Still, I hope for a time when every month is APIDA Heritage Month. The APIDA communities and individuals in America have contributed so much over the history of our country. And yet as the ‘model minority,’ they’re often invisible, and their contributions as well as their problems are unrecognized and unvalued. Our national values of diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging demand change for Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans. The amplification is sorely needed.

— Professor Elaine Chiu