Boyle Writes Invited Chapter for Political Science Book

Professor Robin Boyle has written an invited chapter for a forthcoming political science book called “Generations in American Politics.” Her chapter is titled, “The Times They are a Changin'”: Lessons Imparted from the 1960s Civil Rights Movement and the Current-Day Climate Movement. The book is slated for publication by the University of Michigan Press in the Fall of 2021. The book’s editors are Dr. Sally Friedman and Dr. David Schultz, political scientists.

Prof. Boyle’s current chapter continues from earlier research and publications. Her interest in generations grew from her empirical study about the Millennial generation in the context of learning styles, see 56 J. Legal Educ. 281 (2006) (peer-reviewed) (co-authored with Dr. Joanne Ingham). Her interest in American social movements stems from her co-authored legislative and administrative history on the War on Poverty programs (published by Community Services Administration, 1981) (co-authored with Kathryn Lazar, Esq. & Laura Zeisel, Esq.).  

Prof. Boyle will be presenting the current work at the Northeastern Political Science Association virtual conference on November 7th during a Zoom prerecorded panel.

Robin Boyle
Professor of Legal Writing