Boyle Presents on Human Trafficking and Coercion


Professor Robin Boyle presented on March 17th to an assembly of 65 high school students at Hicksville High School on the topic of Human Trafficking and Coercion. She was invited by social studies teachers to present to students in the Introduction to Social Science Research class, as well as the elective classes of International Law and Roots of Oppression.

Social Science and Research students recently participated in the Medical Marvels Competition. They researched human trafficking in their community. The teachers assigned Prof. Boyle’s articles as part of their required reading.

The lecture was the fifth presentation given by Prof. Boyle this winter on the topic of Human Trafficking and Coercion. Her interest in the topic stems from her earlier research into cults and more recently her publications on cults and the intersection with the human trafficking statutes. Her articles include –

Preventing Predatory Alienation by High-Control Groups:  The Application of Human Trafficking Laws to Groups Popularly Known as ‘Cults,’ and Proposed Changes to Laws Regarding Federal Immigration, State Child Marriage, & Undue Influence, 1(2) Int’l J. Coercion, Abuse, & Manipulation 27(2021) (peer-reviewed).

Employing Trafficking Laws to Capture Elusive Leaders of Destructive Cults, 17 Or. Rev. Int’l L. 205 (2016), reprinted in 9 Int’l J. Cultic  Stud. 1 (2018) (peer-reviewed).

As previously reported on the blog, Prof. Boyle gave presentations on this same topic to the following groups – ranging from her community to China:

(December 2021) Keynote Speaker (pre-recorded lecture with PP), Human Trafficking & Coercion,

The 2nd Cultic Phenomenon Studies Workshop, 2021, Shanxi University, China.

(January 2022) Presenter, Human Trafficking and Coercion, The National Charity League, Garden City Chapter, N.Y. (virtual)

(February 2022) Co-Presenter, Human Trafficking and Coercion Control Explained, EDNY

Federal Bar Association, SJU Student Chapter (w/ Patricia Kakalec, Esq., &

Aaron Halegua, Esq.) (virtual) (February 2022) Presenter, Human Trafficking and Coercion, Garden City Community Church Forum, N.Y. (virtual)