Salomone’s New Book Reviewed in the NY Times Book Review and the Times of India


Professor Rosemary Salomone’s latest book, The Rise of English: Global Politics and the Power of Language (Oxford University Press), was reviewed in the New York Times Book Review and The Times of India, and listed among the New York Times Book Review Editors’ weekly “12 Books to Read.” The book was featured in The Economist, recommended by Goodreads, and covered in podcast interviews in the United States, Europe, and Canada. On February 7, Professor Salomone discussed the book in an interview, “What’s Lost When English Dominates the World,” with the hosts of “Think” on NPR station KERA broadcast across 23 statesOn February 28, she gave a virtual “book talk” hosted by the Berkeley Center for Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law at the University of California. Her commentary, “The Inequities of English Use in Global Higher Education Must Be Addressed,” appeared in the February 1 issue of Times Higher Education. An interview with Professor Salomone, “How English Is Shaping Our Lives,” will appear in the upcoming issue of the German magazine Spotlight.