Barrett’s Virtual Lectures, 2021-2022


During this academic year, Professor John Q. Barrett participated virtually in these symposia and events—

·         On July 6, 2021, he introduced and interviewed Professor Melissa Murray of NYU Law School, Chautauqua Institution’s 17th annual Robert H. Jackson Lecturer on the Supreme Court of the United States;

·         On September 17, he spoke at a Constitution Day program, “FDR and the Supreme Court,” hosted by the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum (link to program is available here);

·         On October 6, he lectured on “U.S. Supreme Court, October Term 2020” to the Federal Bar Association, Eastern District of New York chapter;

·         On October 13, he lectured on “The U.S. Supreme Court in Foreign Affairs: Robert H. Jackson’s Enduring Perspective as Justice and As Lead Prosecutor of the Nazis at Nuremberg,” to the American Foreign Law Association;

·         On October 26, he gave a lecture on the “75th Anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials,” hosted by the Queens Public Library;

·         On February 10, 2022, he gave a lecture, “Robert H. Jackson and the Birth of the National Gallery of Art,” to the Federal Bar Association’s Art Litigation & Fashion Law Conference;

·         On March 15, he gave a Supreme Court Review lecture to the Nassau County (NY) Inn of Court;

·         On April 19, he gave a lecture, “The Most Recent ‘Justice Jackson’: Robert H. Jackson’s Path in Life and the Law,” to the AdventHealth Attorney Retreat;

·         On April 28, he gave a lecture, “Some Alexander Hamilton, But Not So Much Hamilton, in the New Supreme Court,” in the Suffolk County (NY) Bar Association’s Law Day program (link to program is available here, and Professor Barrett’s remarks begin around 59:30); and

·         Also on April 28, he gave a lecture, “Justice Robert H. Jackson, the International Nuremberg Trial, and the Path to the Doctors’ Trial,” in the New York Medical College/Touro University Yom Hashoah symposium on the 75th Anniversary of the Nuremberg Doctors’ Trial:

(Professor Barrett’s remarks begin around 41:45)