Boyle Promoted to Editor in Chief for Perspectives


Professor Robin Boyle was promoted to Editor in Chief of the editorial board of Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing. Perspectives is unique in that its nine-person board has a balance of law librarians and legal writing professors.  

For 2020-22, Professor Boyle served as the journal’s Assistant Editor in Chief, and from 2017-20, as an editorial team member. She has published several articles in Perspectives, including one forthcoming this summer entitled “Swimming with Broad Strokes: Publishing and Presenting Beyond the LW Discipline” (with Stephen Paskey). In addition to Professor Boyle, Professors Rosa Castello and Patricia Grande Montana have published articles in the journal in recent years.

Perspectives typically publishes articles that offer practical suggestions for teaching either the first-year or advanced courses in LRW, teaching international students, teaching transactional research or writing, and teaching the skills covered in academic support. 

Perspectives is an electronic journal sponsored and distributed free of charge by Thomson Reuters as a service to the LRW community. It has a subscriber base of 4,000 readers, and that base is growing.