2020-2021 Faculty Workshop Series


Photo (clockwise from top): 2020-2021 workshop presenters Khiara Bridges, Deborah Archer, Frank Rudy Cooper, Franita Tolson, D. Wendy Greene, LaToya Baldwin Clark, Thomas Joo, and Richard Winchester

Our annual Hon. Edward D. Re Faculty Workshop Series brings scholars from across the country together to discuss their current research and receive feedback on their works-in-progress from our faculty.

Organized by Eva E. Subotnik, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Faculty Scholarship, this year’s Workshop Series features scholarship related to race, racism, and anti-racism across a host of domains. Our speakers will focus on racial justice and racial empowerment issues – particularly those most affecting, experienced by, or relevant to Black people in America – arising in, for example, policing, criminal justice, housing, education, academia, religious institutions, politics, voting, healthcare, consumer protection, tax policy, corporate life, the media, the entertainment world, and other structural systems.

You’ll find the full slate of presenters on the Faculty Workshop Series web page. For more information, please contact Professor Subotnik at [email protected]