Salomone Presents and Publishes Her Work Across the Globe


Professor Rosemary Salomone presented key points from her book, The Rise of English: Global Politics and the Power of Language (Oxford University Press) as part of the Centre for Global Governance Studies Global Webinar Series, “The Future of Global Governance,” at KU Leuven (Belgium) in May. The discussant was Helder De Schutter, Professor of Social and Political Philosophy at the university.

She also moderated a panel discussion in May on “Cross-National Responses to Multilingual Challenges During COVID-19” as part of a symposium on Multilingualism and COVID-19: Lessons Learned and Looking Forward hosted by the Study Group on Language and the United Nations, which brought together United Nations staff members, government officials, university scholars, and members of civil society to discuss health and education.

Her commentary, “Ravenna: Dantean Paradiso,” drawn in part from the Preface to her book, appeared in the June 9th edition of Times Higher Education (UK) in an invitational series of travel reflections by six academics from across the globe.

Excerpts from an interview with Professor Salomone on the book appeared in the June 4th issue of Io Donna, a weekly women’s magazine and Saturday supplement of the Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Her essay, “The Unstoppable Spread of English in the Global University” was published in the Spring 2022 issue of International Higher Education.